In this area you will be able to improve your lexis skills, learn new words, know how to use them, understand how to recognise new terms.

I - From one word, many words

  1. Common suffixes
  2. Common prefixes
  3. Interactive practice exercises
  4. End of Unit Test

II - House and Routines

  1. How to describe a house and routines
  2. Flat description - cloze test
  3. Instructions - multiple choice
  4. Extensive reading: a student's room
  5. Vocabulary practice exercises
  6. End of Unit Test

III – Sports and Free time

  1. How to describe sports and free time
  2. Football commentary
  3. Holiday in Latin America
  4. Extensive reading: how to jog
  5. Interactive practice exercises
  6. End of Unit Test

IV – Feelings and Health

  1. How to describe feelings and health
  2. Phrasal verbs about emotions
  3. Physical senses
  4. Extensive reading: understand emotions
  5. Interactive practice exercises
  6. End of Unit Test

V – Films, TV, Newspapers and Books

  1. How to describe Films and TV
  2. Film Reviews
  3. TV Ratings
  4. Newspaper Headlines
  5. Book reviews
  6. Extensive reading: a world of imagination
  7. End of Unit Test


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